The Fort Jennings Telephone Company
Serving you since 1908

65 West Third Street, Fort Jennings, Ohio 45844



In the late 1800's, farmers in the area wanted a means to communicate with one another, so they joined together and set poles and strung wire for telephone service.  The franchise for telephone lines through the village was granted in 1893.  The Union Telephone Company was granted the right to erect lines along the highways in the village in 1899.  There were either two telephone companies or the names changed as Country Home Telephone Company was permitted to put a line through the village in 1903.  In 1904, the Fort Jennings Farmers Mutual Telephone Company was organized and was incorporated by the State of Ohio on February 17, 1908.  The telephone company was a mutual company until the mid-1900's.  On December 24, 1954, Fort Jennings Telephone Company was incorporated as a for-profit corporation and remains that way today. 
     There have been many changes over the years.  Years ago you would ring central and an operator would come on the line and you would either tell her the number you wanted or the person you wanted to call.  She would then plug you into that number on the switchboard.  There could be as many as 18 people on the same line and they could all listen in on your call if they wanted.
     The telephone office was built in 1968.  We installed a new digital switch in 1989 and remodeled the building.  The Fort Jennings Telephone Company became a provider of cable access television service in 1987 and now offers a digital package as well as the analog channels.  In 1995, area telephone companies, including Fort Jennings, Ottoville Mutual, Kalida, Middle Point, Vaughnsville, and Glandorf made Internet service available to their customers through North West Net.  E911 became available in Putnam County in March, 1997.  Late 2001 brought the availability of DSL high speed Internet service.  In spring 2004, we started providing services by way of Fiber To The Home (FTTH) in select areas.  We now offer Local Telephone, Bright Long Distance, Cable Television, IPTV, and High Speed Internet services with the convenience of one bill.  We are proud of our company and we are honored to be able to serve all our customers in a pleasant, friendly, and courteous manner.

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